Regenerating Serum “Black Caviar”

1,839.00 грн

Black caviar is valued for high concentration of vitamins A, D, E and C, proteins and microelements. Today black caviar proteins are becoming increasingly popular as a precious component of hi-end cosmetics. They suspend cell aging and restore cell vitality. Cognac mannan possesses pronounced regenerating properties: hydrates skin, prolongs and retains moisturizing effect, helps withstand aggressive environmental factors. It stimulates collagen and elastin fiber production, rendering skin tighter, velvety and more elastic. Natural regenerating serum “Black Caviar” is a source of valuable fatty acids, it energizes cells and rejuvenates your skin.

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  • Fucogel® polysaccharide
  • jasmine hydrolat
  • cognac mannan (glucomannan)
  • black caviar proteins
  • composition of essential oils

Thoroughly cleanse your face. Apply a small amount of regenerating serum “Black Caviar”. Then, if necessary, use a natural cream, suitable for your skin type. The serum can be used to provide gentle care for delicate eye area.