Aloe vera juice eliminates bacteria caused by excessive secretion of sebaceous glands and hydrates hair from roots to ends. Active cashmere complex saturates cuticle with keratin. Wheat proteins revitalize cells and boost follicle activity. Wil..
440.00 грн (16.81 $)
Active cashmere complex enriches cuticle with keratin and reconstructs its damaged areas. Oat proteins moisturize hair along the entire length, soften and envelop it with a protective film which shields hair from adverse environmental factors. ..
413.00 грн (15.78 $)
Lavender hydrolat reduces secretion of sebaceous glands. Wheat proteins strengthen strands, nourish them with vitamins and microelements, making them firm and elastic. Wild mango wax and glycerin are a key to easy brushing, natural shine and ou..
444.00 грн (16.96 $)
Damask rose hydrolat tones scalp, stimulates blood circulation and regulates sebaceous glands function. Active cashmere complex restores hair structure, especially cuticle, replenishing its supply of keratin. Wheat proteins revive and rejuvenat..
680.00 грн (25.98 $)
Carrot hydrolat tones, hydrates and regenerates cells. Active cashmere complex restores damaged cuticle and fills structural cavities with keratin, making hair smooth like cashmere. Wheat proteins contribute to hair vitality and elasticity. Wil..
446.00 грн (17.04 $)
Wheat proteins deeply hydrate and soften hair, active cashmere complex enriches it with keratin and restores cuticle, rendering it amazingly soft and silky. Green coffee oil saturates hair with nutrients, strengthens it and regenerates cells. W..
584.00 грн (22.31 $)
Thanks to its balanced content, it’s recommended for regular use. Mint hydrolat is a natural antiseptic. Its anti-inflammatory properties seem to have been purposefully created to care for oily scalp prone to inflammations. It tones cells ..
376.00 грн (14.36 $)
Sage hydrolat is a source of phytohormones similar to female hormone estrogen. It rejuvenates cells, combats age-related disorders and counteracts aggressive environmental factors which affect hair and scalp. Active cashmere complex restores cu..
448.00 грн (17.11 $)