Hair Serum “African Plum”

368.00 грн

It contains all components necessary for efficient hydration. Aloe vera juice moisturizes strands along the entire length, prevents dryness-related dandruff. Avocado phytosterols restore hair health after negligent care, frequent dying, straightening or perms. Wheat proteins are a source of cell vitality - they deeply hydrate, soften and nourish with vitamins and microelements. Active cashmere complex renders hair silky smooth. Benzoin resin of Sumatran styrax soothes and protects dry scalp. Tangerine essential oil provides cells with indispensable nutrients.

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  • aloe vera juice
  • active cashmere complex
  • wheat proteins
  • tangerine essential oil
  • benzoin resin of sumatran styrax (fragrance fixative)
  • avocado phytosterols

The serum is a daily aide in hair care. It can be used as often as the state of your hair requires - it’ll provide additional hydration and revitalization. This is especially important between procedures with main hair care products - conditioner, mask or two-phase fluid.

Apply the serum starting with problem areas and spread it along the entire hair length, allow it to be absorbed, then style as usual.