“Mountain Lavender” Serum

425.00 грн

Lavender hydrolat is a healing base of the serum - it doesn’t weigh hair down or make it sticky, keeps strands fresh. Active complex based on keratin and locust bean gum creates a reliable shield against adverse environmental influences. Avocado phytosterols hydrate, soften and nourish hair. Wheat proteins are a source of vitality: they launch cell rejuvenation mechanism, making strands firm and elastic. Active cashmere complex restores damaged parts of cuticle: it fills structural cavities with keratin, reconstructing each individual hair. Moringa extract ensures health of follicles and active hair growth. Wild mango wax will guarantee easy brushing and styling, rendering strands tame and shiny. Lavender essential oil prevents dandruff and itching, soothes irritated scalp and normalizes sebaceous glands function. D-panthenol facilitates cashmere complex keratins absorption. Glycerin deeply hydrates hair and prevents entanglement.

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  • D-panthenol
  • active cashmere complex
  • wheat proteins
  • wild mango wax
  • moringa extract
  • glycerin
  • active complex based on keratin and locust bean gum
  • avocado phytosterols
  • lavender hydrolat
  • lavender essential oil

The serum is a daily aide in hair care. It can be used as often as the state of your hair requires - it’ll provide additional hydration and revitalization. This is especially important between procedures with main hair care products - conditioner, mask or two-phase fluid.

Apply the serum starting with problem areas and spread it along the entire hair length, allow it to be absorbed, then style as usual.