Hair Serums

Damask rose petals hydrolat is a gentle foundation for daily care. Rose water relieves skin inflammations, increases blood circulation and tones cells. An active complex based on phospholipids, ceramides and glycerol facilitates delivery of vit..
481.00 грн (18.37 $)
Aloe vera juice boasts antibacterial properties, hydrates hair along the entire length, boosts elasticity, fills scalp cells with moisture. Combined active complexes of keratin, locust bean gum and cashmere strengthen hair structure, reconstruc..
458.00 грн (17.50 $)
Orange flower hydrolat is an efficient antidepressant for hair and scalp. Aloe vera juice hydrates cells, eliminates dandruff and makes hair more elastic. An ensemble of active complexes based on keratin, locust bean gum, African plum and saw p..
531.00 грн (20.28 $)
Sage hydrolat is a wonderful toner. It strengthens roots, reduces sebum secretion, prevents dandruff and premature appearance of gray hair.  Active complexes based on keratin and locust bean gum restore an outer layer of each hair and smoo..
439.00 грн (16.77 $)
Aloe vera juice hydrates hair along the entire length, prevents bacterial growth. Active complex based on keratin and locust bean gum reliably restores cuticle structure, deeply hydrates hair. African plum extract prevents hair loss, reducing a..
446.00 грн (17.04 $)
It contains all components necessary for efficient hydration. Aloe vera juice moisturizes strands along the entire length, prevents dryness-related dandruff. Avocado phytosterols restore hair health after negligent care, frequent dying, straigh..
368.00 грн (14.06 $)
Lavender hydrolat is a healing base of the serum - it doesn’t weigh hair down or make it sticky, keeps strands fresh. Active complex based on keratin and locust bean gum creates a reliable shield against adverse environmental influenc..
425.00 грн (16.24 $)
Lime flower hydrolat is a wonderful styling product which ensures brilliant glow and outstanding volume. Linseed oil eliminates all kinds of dandruff, addressees split ends issue, prevents brittleness and hair loss. Wheat proteins form thin pro..
384.00 грн (14.67 $)