Burr oil has been used as an efficient hair remedy for centuries. It improves state of your scalp, relieves irritations, eliminates dandruff and itching, reconstructs hair after dyes or perms. Its phytosterols restore hair follicles, regulate s..
399.00 грн (15.24 $)
The oil is ideally suitable for restoration of dehydrated skin - it deeply moisturizes it and vitamin E accelerates cell regeneration after burns, abrasions and other damages. Coconut oil efficiently neutralizes free radicals and prevents age c..
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Use “Monoi de Tahiti” for a beautiful even tan. The oil works for 4-6 hours: both in a solarium and outdoors in the sun it will ensure that cells are deeply moisturized and will prevent dehydration. “Monoi” softens, soothes and tones skin, reli..
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The healing jojoba nut oil is the world’s only liquid vegetable wax. It prolongs skin youthfulness and maintains its firmness and elasticity, vitamin E regenerates damaged cells. The oil nourishes skin and creates a thin protective film to reta..
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