Revitalizing Dry Hair Mask “Wild Mango”

555.00 грн

It penetrates deeply into hair structure, regenerating cells. Vitamins А, В1, В2, С, flavonoids and other nutrients (more than 20 microelements in total) boost hair and scalp health. Mango butter beautifully nourishes and hydrates hair, restores cuticle and smoothes cuticle flakes, creates a weightless invisible protective film without weighing down strands. Soy proteins soften and smooth each individual hair. Glycerin prevents tangling, increases softness and shine, makes even very long hair easy to comb. Active cashmere complex is responsible for timely repair of hair structure with keratin “building blocks”, which makes it strong, resilient and elastic. Wild mango wax and mimosa essential oil nourish and hydrate hair, they contain all nutrients necessary for active growth.

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  • carrot hydrolat
  • active cashmere complex
  • wild mango wax
  • glycerin
  • mimosa essential oil
  • mango butter
  • soy proteins

Apply a small amount of the mask to clean hair, evenly spreading it along the entire length (if roots tend to be greasy, then apply only to dry parts). Leave for 20-30 minutes, then thoroughly rinse. Rely on your sensation: if your hair wasn’t particularly dry to begin with, it might require shampoo to wash it off.

For a more intensive phytotherapy and enhanced effect put on a shower cap, wrap your hair in a bath towel and leave for up to 2 hours.

Apply 2-3 times a week.