It penetrates deeply into hair structure, regenerating cells. Vitamins А, В1, В2, С, flavonoids and other nutrients (more than 20 microelements in total) boost hair and scalp health. Mango butter beautifully nourishes and hydrates hair, restore..
555.00 грн (21.20 $)
Aloe vera juice normalizes intercellular metabolism, reduces sebum production and has antibacterial effect. Soy proteins regulate hormonal balance and protect cells from premature aging. Glycerin prevents dehydration, moisturizes hair and relia..
504.00 грн (19.25 $)
It intensively hydrates and nourishes cells, restores natural health and vitality of strands. Powerful antiandrogen action of African plum extract prevents premature hair loss. Plum kernel oil eliminates dryness, even in cases of age-related ch..
451.00 грн (17.23 $)
Lavender hydrolat strengthens hair strands, reduces scalp itching and eliminates dandruff. Shea butter is quickly absorbed without clogging pores, making hair elastic and thick, without oily sheen. Abyssinian oil phytosterols protect from britt..
510.00 грн (19.48 $)
Rose hydrolat relieves scalp inflammations, efficiently tones cells. African plum and saw palmetto active complex reduces level of androgens (male hormones), strengthening and preventing hair loss. Active cashmere complex fills cuticle gaps, re..
688.00 грн (26.28 $)
Ripe avocado pulp oil contains vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, K, PP, minerals and indispensable fatty acids. It revives overly dry hair, damaged by frequent dying, perms or negligent care. Sunflower oil is a cosmetic product traditional for Ukraine ..
687.00 грн (26.24 $)
Mint hydrolat combats brittleness, promotes hair growth and regulates sebaceous glands function. Lime hydrolat strengthens strands, eliminates inflammations caused by excessive sebum secretion. Wheat proteins are an abundant source of cell vita..
455.00 грн (17.38 $)
Due to phytoestrogen content, sage hydrolat eliminates problems caused by hormone related changes. It improves scalp blood circulation, strengthens roots and significantly reduces seasonal hair loss. Active complex based on avocado phytosterols..
543.00 грн (20.74 $)