Aloe vera juice deeply hydrates strands, saturates them with vitamins, makes them strong and elastic. Active cashmere complex fills cuticle cavities with keratin, restoring it and smoothing flakes. Wheat proteins create a thin protective film o..
461.00 грн (17.61 $)
Aloe vera juice activates intercellular metabolism, strengthens follicles and eliminates dryness-related dandruff. Wheat proteins promote cell rejuvenation, making hair strong and elastic. Calendula flower water tones scalp, heals sores, reliev..
443.00 грн (16.92 $)
Lavender hydrolat has a delicate aroma of mountain flowers. Active cashmere complex restores supply of keratin, the natural “building blocks”, in cuticle. Soy proteins condition and prevent hair loss. Wild mango wax makes hair manageable and li..
460.00 грн (17.57 $)
Aloe vera juice and hydrolat provide antibacterial action and reduce sebum production. Thanks to aloe vera the roots retain cleanliness and freshness longer, ensuring more voluminous hairstyling. Active cashmere complex smoothes cuticle flakes,..
696.00 грн (26.59 $)
Soy proteins penetrate deeply into hair structure, moisturizing it, restoring its natural softness and making it easily manageable. Active cashmere complex regenerates cuticle and provides it with its “building blocks” - keratin, thus ensuring ..
483.00 грн (18.45 $)
Wheat proteins hydrate and soften hair, making it easily manageable. Active cashmere complex restores cuticle and makes hair silky smooth. Green coffee oil is an abundant source of vitality: it contains a multivitamin complex and hyaluronic aci..
649.00 грн (24.79 $)
Mint hydrolat revives weakened strands, ensuring brilliant natural glow. Lime hydrolat maintains optimum sebum secretion balance. Active cashmere complex restores damaged cuticle areas, filling them with keratin. D-panthenol nourishes, smo..
425.00 грн (16.24 $)
Sage flower water boasts antibacterial, toning and rejuvenating effects. Ideally suited for oily hair, it eliminates skin irritations and dandruff caused by excessive sebum secretion, rendering glowing strands. Oats proteins are a natural condi..
461.00 грн (17.61 $)