This organic toner contains ingredients with potent healing properties. Ginseng hydrolat momentarily relieves stress and tones tired skin, aloe vera gel soothes and regenerates it, eliminates redness.  Allantoin (found in aloe vera ju..
510.00 грн (19.48 $)
Concentrated lime hydrolat contains record amounts of vitamin C and organic acids. Lime juice is rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorus, which prevent bacterial growth and efficiently eliminate skin inflammations and irritations. In combinat..
558.00 грн (21.32 $)
This toner is a great aid to sensitive skin: it reduces inflammations, detoxifies tissues. Due to high content of tannin, leaves of witch-hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) provide effective care for skin with pronounced vascular pattern and rosacea...
711.00 грн (27.16 $)
Sage - is an abundant source of beneficial elements, vitamins and natural antioxidants. This toner efficiently disinfects and soothes skin, normalizing sebaceous glands function, tightens pores, promotes cells restoration and prevents first sig..
411.00 грн (15.70 $)
Organic “Lavender Water” is wonderfully suited for oily, combination and sensitive skin, as well as a wrinkle prevention treatment. Lavender flower hydrolat contains active substances which deeply cleanse and hydrate skin, reduce inflammations,..
426.00 грн (16.27 $)
This toner has truly miraculous properties: it reliably protects skin from dehydration and stress, activates blood circulation and intercellular metabolism. Vitamins C, B1 and B2, essential oils and linoleic acid, which are found in ginseng roo..
996.00 грн (38.05 $)
627.00 грн (23.95 $)
Mint leaves hydrolat - is a wonderful antiseptic agent. “Mint Water” tones cells, strengthens capillary walls, improves skin’s defense mechanisms, helping it to cope with aftereffects of stress, relieves itching and inflammations, has a light c..
465.00 грн (17.76 $)
This universal toner delicately yet efficiently cleanses skin, relieves inflammations and irritations, promotes cell renewal. “Chamomile Water” has a pronounced antimicrobial effect, soothing even gentle sensitive skin, giving it a healthy glow..
471.00 грн (17.99 $)
Rose petals hydrolat has unique properties: it thoroughly cleanses skin from impurities, deeply hydrates cells, restores face contour, relieves symptoms of fatigue, has a light rejuvenating effect. This toner is ideal for dry, normal and mature..
573.00 грн (21.89 $)
This natural toner derived from grapes refreshes and soothes skin, has a pronounced antioxidant effect, protects it from aggressive external influences and prevents premature aging. “Grape Water” regulates sebaceous glands function, relieves in..
522.00 грн (19.94 $)
This natural toner has enveloping and analgesic properties. It soothes irritations, relieves inflammations and swellings, soothes, deeply hydrates and protects skin from external environmental factors. Mallow flowers contain the most powerful o..
441.00 грн (16.85 $)
“Cornflower Water” eliminates problems of dry and exhausted skin: efficiently tones and during application gently cools and refreshes. It is also successfully used to address rosacea. In dry climates and in dry interiors (for instance, during h..
492.00 грн (18.79 $)
This efficient anti-inflammatory toner is suitable for all skin types. It will provide optimally balanced hydration, refresh and revitalize cells. “Jasmine Water” corrects sebaceous glands function, lowering its secretion and tightening pores. ..
504.00 грн (19.25 $)