Abysoft (Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil Phytosterol) will penetrate deeply into tissues and increase moisture content by 60% in just 5 days, creating a profound sensation of softness and comfort.Hydrotensyl complex, derived from honey extract, mari..
654.00 грн (24.98 $)
NovHyal Biotech G, a 3rd generation of hyaluronic acid, is a key to young-looking, attractive skin. It will regenerate cells, eliminate wrinkles, smooth and firm tissues.Tightenyl will create a chiseled face contour, reconstruct microrelief and..
864.00 грн (33.00 $)
NovHyal Biotech G (the 3rd generation of hyaluronic acid) will regenerate cells, increase natural synthesis of collagen and elastin and prevent their destruction.MAT-XS Clinical will regulate sebum production, tighten enlarged pores, eliminate ..
786.00 грн (30.03 $)
MAT-XS Clinical will regulate sebaceous glands function, tighten enlarged pores, rid of skin defects, contribute to healthy, glowing complexion. In just 2 weeks skin will look matte, and in 4 weeks the greasy shin will disappear completely.Litc..
855.00 грн (32.66 $)
MAT-XS Clinical will regulate sebum production, reduce inflammations and create a delicate glow. It will rid skin of unhealthy greasy shin in just 2 weeks.Aloe vera juice boasts powerful moisturizing and disinfecting properties. It will reconst..
879.00 грн (33.58 $)
Black caviar is valued for high concentration of vitamins A, D, E and C, proteins and microelements. Today black caviar proteins are becoming increasingly popular as a precious component of hi-end cosmetics. They suspend cell aging and restore ..
1,839.00 грн (70.25 $)
This serum will come to your aid if cells lost their tone, for instance due to age-related changes or adverse environmental factors. It lowers amount of free radicals, thus helping skin regenerate faster without losing vital moisture. Succinic ..
987.00 грн (37.70 $)
High content of grapefruit bioflavonoids relieves inflammations and even symptoms of allergies. Grapefruit normalizes sebaceous glands function, eliminating oily shine, and after regular application even treats acne. Skin becomes visibly cleane..
519.00 грн (19.83 $)