Coconut Oil

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The oil is ideally suitable for restoration of dehydrated skin - it deeply moisturizes it and vitamin E accelerates cell regeneration after burns, abrasions and other damages. Coconut oil efficiently neutralizes free radicals and prevents age changes. Use it during sunbathing to reduce UV radiation by as much as 20%. With coconut oil your skin will acquire an even, healthy tan and will be reliably protected from dehydration.

Coconut oil is also a great hair remedy: in strengthens and nourishes hair, making it thick, soft and shiny. It’s indispensable if your hair is exhausted by wind, sun, ocean, frequent dying or perms. Few drops on a hair comb will provide thorough care during summer season, fix color and provide hair with a natural glow after dying.

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unrefined coconut oil

For face and body: apply oil to clean, dry skin, allow it to get absorbed, pat excess with a napkin.

For haircare: apply to hair tips. For deep effect use it as a hair mask: apply all along the length several hours before washing and gently massage into scalp. Washes off easily.

Important! Coconut oil easily changes its physical state. When room temperature drops below +25C it solidifies. Warm it up before application (for instance, in heated bath or by simply holding a bottle under hot running water).