Regenerating nourishing cream "Black Caviar"

735.00 грн

This cream contains 35% of black caviar hydrolyzate - a precious source of vitamins, proteins and minerals. “Black Caviar” doesn’t contain any ingredients that would have a detrimental impact on skin’s hormonal balance. Powerful regenerative effect of the cream is based on a unique combination of high quality black caviar proteins, aloe vera juice, sprouted wheat DNA concentrate, black cumin oil and cupuaçu butter. Active components help tackle age-related changes - flabbiness and dehydration. Cocoa butter prevents appearance of early wrinkles and makes them less pronounced, and during cold season protects skin from cold wind and frost. Such a wide range of effects is especially important for residents of large cities.

“Black Caviar” - is a true jewel of Vigôr CN line. Pamper your skin with this exquisite delicacy!

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  • aloe vera juice
  • black cumin oil
  • cacao butter
  • Fucogel® polysaccharide
  • carnauba wax
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin А
  • black caviar proteins
  • (fish) collagen
  • sprouted wheat DNA concentrate
  • lifting phyto complex (bean, green pea and rice peptides hydrolyzate)
  • capuaçu butter
  • composition of essential oils
For maximum effect, first prepare your skin with a natural “Black Caviar” mask and a cleansing toner. Then apply “Amber” serum and only after that - the cream itself. “Black Caviar” can be also applied to eye area.