The extract of thick red resin of Peruvian croton lechleri tree, Dragon’s Blood is a powerful antioxidant: it will strengthen collagen fibers, quickly restore, rejuvenate and matte skin, heal minor wounds and prevent wrinkle formation.Tightenyl..
783.00 грн (29.91 $)
This cream contains 35% of black caviar hydrolyzate - a precious source of vitamins, proteins and minerals. “Black Caviar” doesn’t contain any ingredients that would have a detrimental impact on skin’s hormonal balance. Powerful regenerative ..
735.00 грн (28.08 $)
Plantsil will provide cells with endorphins, improve their overall wellbeing, saturate them with moisture and nutrients, making skin glowing and silky smooth.Jojoba oil and shea butter will protect from harmful effect of environmental pollutant..
669.00 грн (25.56 $)
Black currant oil will revitalize, soften and restore dehydrated wilting skin. It will smooth, tighten and delicately whiten it, freshen complexion.Plantsil will make skin firm and silky smooth, with a natural glow. It will improve overall cell..
550.00 грн (21.01 $)
Jojoba oil will take effective care of wilting skin, which exhibits loss of firmness and clear signs of aging: it will increase elasticity, smooth wrinkles, deeply hydrate and saturate with nutrients.Cobiolift (quinoa seed extract) will provide..
783.00 грн (29.91 $)
NovHyal Biotech G (the 3rd generation of hyaluronic acid) will stimulate skin to produce this important structural element on its own. It will fill indentations formed by wrinkles, contributing to even and smooth cutaneous relief.MAT-XS Clinica..
954.00 грн (36.44 $)
The innovative active complexes of this cream are created in the best labs of the world. Their amazing multifaceted combined effect revitalizes skin and restores freshness of carefree youth.NovHyal Biotech G ― is the 3rd generation of hyaluroni..
690.00 грн (26.36 $)
A composition of unique cosmetic active complexes will provide a powerful rejuventating effect, restoring a fresh look and youthful charm.Passion fruit seed oil will ensure healthy eye area skin: it is easily absorbed, maintains moisture level,..
633.00 грн (24.18 $)
Avocado oil will deeply hydrate, saturates cells with vitamins and micro elements, neutralize free radicals and eliminate skin defects.Tightenyl will accelerate collagen and elastin synthesis and quickly improve skin properties: increasing firm..
888.00 грн (33.92 $)
Plantsil will penetrate deeply into tissues, revitalize cells and provide them with endrophins and precious moisture, smooth wrinkles, create a lasting satin look and fresh skin tone.Passion fruit seed oil will restore elasticity of mature skin..
1,077.00 грн (41.14 $)
Cocoa butter is saturated with fatty acids, which slow aging processes. It will hydrate and rejuvenate wilting skin, smooth it and reduce dark circles.Vitamins E and C will revitalize cells and accelerate their regeneration.Hyaluronic acid will..
771.00 грн (29.45 $)
Poly Helixan (a cosmetic active ingredient, extracted from defensive liquid secreted by snails) will restore cellular water balance, regenerate cutaneous surface and improve its elasticity. It will neutralize free radicals, prevent appearance o..
756.00 грн (28.88 $)
Plantsil is a perfect cosmetic active complex to create a lasting satin look. It will smooth wrinkles, keep skin firm and naturally glowing, hydrate it and freshen complexion.Black currant oil will saturate cells with nutrients and delicately w..
384.00 грн (14.67 $)
Plantsil will quickly combat signs of exhaustion: it will reduce dark circles, restore healthy complexion, saturate skin with endorphins, provide a natural glow and a lasting “satin” look. Abysoft Cramble Abyssinica Seed Oil Phytosterol Esters ..
423.00 грн (16.16 $)
Plantsil will render skin smooth as silk, enrich it with endorphins and improve cell vitality. It will rid of signs of exhaustion and freshen dull complexion.Passion fruit seed oil will regulate sebaceous glands function and deeply soften skin,..
1,590.00 грн (60.74 $)