For dry and sensitive skin. Great follow up for tanning, invasive procedures and peeling. Deeply nourishes cells.Nourishing Soothing Mask “Mango and Sea Buckthorn” is a true salvation for sensitive skin.This mask eliminates dryness, redness, tightnes..
327.00 грн (12.49 $)
For dry and normal skin. During winter period also suitable for combination skin, but not more often than once a week.You will notice pronounced regenerating effect of “Formic Acid” Mask after the very first application.Formic acid accelerates metabo..
435.00 грн (16.62 $)
For dry, normal and sensitive skin. Great follow up for invasive procedures.“Pine Forest” mask’s active ingredients (tamanu oil, juniper extract, lavender concentrate and candelilla wax) efficiently care for dry skin.This mask has a strong regenerati..
324.00 грн (12.38 $)
For dry and normal skin. For dehydrated skin with pronounced loss of elasticity and cell turgidity.“Magical” is about the only way to describe the effect of this facial mask. Proteins, minerals, amino acids and vitamins that are contained in natural ..
918.00 грн (35.07 $)
For all skin types. “Herbal Bouquet” is a natural collection of health benefits for your skin.Rice peptides hydrolyzate contains the highest number of amino acids of any grain (there are 8 of them here!) It inhibits skin sagging, forms invi..
336.00 грн (12.84 $)
For oily and combination problem skin, prone to large pores and acne.Shilajit - is a priceless source of microelements, fatty and amino acids. “Mountain Tears” have been long known for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and restorative prope..
474.00 грн (18.11 $)
For dry and normal skin. For dehydrated skin with pronounced loss of elasticity. For dim complexion.Miraculous properties of rose extract will make your face gentle as a flower petal.This mask does a great job hydrating skin, relieving irritation and..
321.00 грн (12.26 $)
For all skin types. For deformative aging morphotype.Use “Lavender” mask after aggressive cosmetic procedures, insolation, stresses caused by adverse environmental factors. Stop time - restore beauty and youthful appearance of your skin.avender extra..
312.00 грн (11.92 $)
For oily skin. For wrinkling and deformative aging morphotypes. Also suitable for dry, atonic (lacking firmness) skin - as a second step of skincare, after hydration and nourishment.This tender mask, based on a yogurt concentrate, has a visible lifti..
258.00 грн (9.86 $)
For dry and normal skin. For dim complexion, lack of firmness and turgidity.Natural mask “Pine Nut” contains all the power of majestic cedars. Thanks to it, your face will acquire glowing healthy complexion, skin will become firm and fresh.Pine nut o..
321.00 грн (12.26 $)
For all skin types. Especially good for sensitive and dehydrated skin.Use “Marine Treasures” after insolation and before lifting procedures - the mask does a great job hydrating cells, preparing your skin for effects of other cosmetic products.This m..
390.00 грн (14.90 $)
For all skin types. For intense cells hydration and smoother skin surface.Apply “Aloe Vera” after impact of adverse external factors: wind, sun, frost, overly dry air conditioned environments - and your skin will quickly regain revitalizing moisture...
396.00 грн (15.13 $)
For delicate skin areas.Delicate skin requires an especially gentle care. “Cornflower” hydrates, regenerates cells, eliminates dark circles, combats puffiness and fine lines.This alginate mask contains brown algae - samphire and himanthalia elongata...
301.00 грн (11.50 $)
For all skin types. Especially with a pronounced loss of elasticity.Our “Grape” mask - is a true source of youth. It deeply hydrates and nourishes cells, enhances face contouring, smoothes fine lines, prevents premature aging.Loss of elasticity is no..
316.00 грн (12.07 $)
For all skin types. For deep moisturizing of dehydrated cells.“Aloe Vera and Lemon” rescues cells from dehydration. The mask saturates skin with moisture and tones it, visibly smoothing fine lines and enhancing face contouring.This alginate mask cont..
296.00 грн (11.31 $)