Peeling Concentrate “Aloe Vera”

627.00 грн

Freshly squeezed aloe vera juice is known for its rejuvenating properties. It stimulates cell metabolism, enhances skin elasticity and regenerates it, normalizes sebaceous glands function. Aloe vera boosts cell immunity, helping them to withstand negative external influences. Peeling concentrate efficiently relieves inflammation, gently exfoliates skin, promoting its renewal.

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aloe vera concentrate

Apply several layers of the peeling concentrate with a brush - until skin gets slightly pink. Leave for 5-15 minutes, then remove with a wet sponge. If you have dry skin, use our natural “Mango & Sea Buckthorn” mask as  second step of the procedure. If your skin is normal, oily or combination, then follow up with our “Aloe Vera” mask.