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Freshly squeezed aloe vera juice is known for its rejuvenating properties. It stimulates cell metabolism, enhances skin elasticity and regenerates it, normalizes sebaceous glands function. Aloe vera boosts cell immunity, helping them to withsta..
627.00 грн (23.95 $)
Anti-inflammatory salicylic-zinc paste is designed for skin prone to comedones and inflammations. This combination product boasts antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and drying effect. Zinc oxide is an absorbent that possesses excellent ..
234.00 грн (8.94 $)
The key ingredient of this lip balm - murumuru butter - gently heals cracks, intensively softens and hydrates skin, helping it to retain sufficient amount of moisture. Candelilla wax protects from damaging effects of sun and frost. Borage oil t..
315.00 грн (12.03 $)