Facial care

The cream will protect delicate face and neck skin from harmful aftereffects of UV exposure: dehydration, photoaging, pigmentation and sun burns. Due to its ultra high protection, this sunscreen is ideal for all skin types, including very fai..
276.00 грн (10.54 $)
This cream will take care of delicate face and neck skin during scorching summer days. It hydrates cells, eliminates sunburns and treats aftereffects of sun exposure, prevents photoaging. High protection will suite all skin types - from dark-..
258.00 грн (9.86 $)
361.00 грн (13.79 $)
Cornflower concentrate and abundant vitamin content of this cream relieve swelling, eliminate dark circles under eyes and improve overall skin condition. Lifting phytocomplex prevents appearance of “crow’s feet”. Shea butter, mongongo, papaya a..
490.00 грн (18.72 $)
320.00 грн (12.22 $)
This violet flower-based cream will rejuvenate skin and fill it with natural glow. It restores cells after stress, soothes, relieves swelling and inflammations. Macadamia oil and cocoa butter eliminate dryness and flaking, smooth wrinkles, heal..
282.00 грн (10.77 $)
274.00 грн (10.47 $)
Black cumin is a potent natural antibiotic. It eliminates harmful microorganisms, restores damaged cells, regulates water balance, improves skin elasticity and tone. Milk thistle oil boasts  bactericidal and healing properties which help t..
249.00 грн (9.51 $)
220.00 грн (8.40 $)