Facial care

Organic “Lavender Water” is wonderfully suited for oily, combination and sensitive skin, as well as a wrinkle prevention treatment. Lavender flower hydrolat contains active substances which deeply cleanse and hydrate skin, reduce inflammations,..
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NovHyal Biotech G (the 3rd generation of hyaluronic acid) will stimulate skin to produce this important structural element on its own. It will fill indentations formed by wrinkles, contributing to even and smooth cutaneous relief.MAT-XS Clinica..
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For all skin types. “Herbal Bouquet” is a natural collection of health benefits for your skin.Rice peptides hydrolyzate contains the highest number of amino acids of any grain (there are 8 of them here!) It inhibits skin sagging, forms invi..
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The healing jojoba nut oil is the world’s only liquid vegetable wax. It prolongs skin youthfulness and maintains its firmness and elasticity, vitamin E regenerates damaged cells. The oil nourishes skin and creates a thin protective film to reta..
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This toner has truly miraculous properties: it reliably protects skin from dehydration and stress, activates blood circulation and intercellular metabolism. Vitamins C, B1 and B2, essential oils and linoleic acid, which are found in ginseng roo..
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For oily and combination problem skin, prone to large pores and acne.Shilajit - is a priceless source of microelements, fatty and amino acids. “Mountain Tears” have been long known for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and restorative prope..
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Coffee berries consist of about 1200 components. Rich multivitamin complex and hyaluronic acid provide green and roasted coffee oils with powerful healing properties. They neutralize free radicals, relieve inflammations, detoxify, regenerate an..
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The innovative active complexes of this cream are created in the best labs of the world. Their amazing multifaceted combined effect revitalizes skin and restores freshness of carefree youth.NovHyal Biotech G ― is the 3rd generation of hyaluroni..
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For dry and normal skin. For dehydrated skin with pronounced loss of elasticity. For dim complexion.Miraculous properties of rose extract will make your face gentle as a flower petal.This mask does a great job hydrating skin, relieving irritation and..
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A composition of unique cosmetic active complexes will provide a powerful rejuventating effect, restoring a fresh look and youthful charm.Passion fruit seed oil will ensure healthy eye area skin: it is easily absorbed, maintains moisture level,..
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For all skin types. For deformative aging morphotype.Use “Lavender” mask after aggressive cosmetic procedures, insolation, stresses caused by adverse environmental factors. Stop time - restore beauty and youthful appearance of your skin.avender extra..
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Avocado oil will deeply hydrate, saturates cells with vitamins and micro elements, neutralize free radicals and eliminate skin defects.Tightenyl will accelerate collagen and elastin synthesis and quickly improve skin properties: increasing firm..
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Mint leaves hydrolat - is a wonderful antiseptic agent. “Mint Water” tones cells, strengthens capillary walls, improves skin’s defense mechanisms, helping it to cope with aftereffects of stress, relieves itching and inflammations, has a light c..
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Plantsil will penetrate deeply into tissues, revitalize cells and provide them with endrophins and precious moisture, smooth wrinkles, create a lasting satin look and fresh skin tone.Passion fruit seed oil will restore elasticity of mature skin..
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