Facial care

Plantsil will provide cells with endorphins, improve their overall wellbeing, saturate them with moisture and nutrients, making skin glowing and silky smooth.Jojoba oil and shea butter will protect from harmful effect of environmental pollutant..
669.00 грн (25.56 $)
For dry and normal skin. During winter period also suitable for combination skin, but not more often than once a week.You will notice pronounced regenerating effect of “Formic Acid” Mask after the very first application.Formic acid accelerates metabo..
435.00 грн (16.62 $)
This serum will come to your aid if cells lost their tone, for instance due to age-related changes or adverse environmental factors. It lowers amount of free radicals, thus helping skin regenerate faster without losing vital moisture. Succinic ..
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Toning face scrub is a perfect medium for deep cleansing. Almond oil eliminates dryness, restores water balance and skin’s protection function. Orange hydrolat tones cells. Shea butter prevents appearance of first wrinkles, neutralizes negative..
188.00 грн (7.18 $)
Concentrated lime hydrolat contains record amounts of vitamin C and organic acids. Lime juice is rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorus, which prevent bacterial growth and efficiently eliminate skin inflammations and irritations. In combinat..
558.00 грн (21.32 $)
Black currant oil will revitalize, soften and restore dehydrated wilting skin. It will smooth, tighten and delicately whiten it, freshen complexion.Plantsil will make skin firm and silky smooth, with a natural glow. It will improve overall cell..
550.00 грн (21.01 $)
The key ingredient of this lip balm - murumuru butter - gently heals cracks, intensively softens and hydrates skin, helping it to retain sufficient amount of moisture. Candelilla wax protects from damaging effects of sun and frost. Borage oil t..
315.00 грн (12.03 $)
Pronounced healing effect of this milk complements its cleansing properties. Hamamelis (American witch-hazel) - is a powerful antioxidant, it protects collagen and elastin from free radicals, rejuvenates skin and slows down aging. Evening primr..
370.00 грн (14.13 $)
High content of grapefruit bioflavonoids relieves inflammations and even symptoms of allergies. Grapefruit normalizes sebaceous glands function, eliminating oily shine, and after regular application even treats acne. Skin becomes visibly cleane..
519.00 грн (19.83 $)
For dry, normal and sensitive skin. Great follow up for invasive procedures.“Pine Forest” mask’s active ingredients (tamanu oil, juniper extract, lavender concentrate and candelilla wax) efficiently care for dry skin.This mask has a strong regenerati..
324.00 грн (12.38 $)
This toner is a great aid to sensitive skin: it reduces inflammations, detoxifies tissues. Due to high content of tannin, leaves of witch-hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) provide effective care for skin with pronounced vascular pattern and rosacea...
711.00 грн (27.16 $)
Jojoba oil will take effective care of wilting skin, which exhibits loss of firmness and clear signs of aging: it will increase elasticity, smooth wrinkles, deeply hydrate and saturate with nutrients.Cobiolift (quinoa seed extract) will provide..
783.00 грн (29.91 $)
For dry and normal skin. For dehydrated skin with pronounced loss of elasticity and cell turgidity.“Magical” is about the only way to describe the effect of this facial mask. Proteins, minerals, amino acids and vitamins that are contained in natural ..
918.00 грн (35.07 $)
Sage - is an abundant source of beneficial elements, vitamins and natural antioxidants. This toner efficiently disinfects and soothes skin, normalizing sebaceous glands function, tightens pores, promotes cells restoration and prevents first sig..
411.00 грн (15.70 $)
Use “Monoi de Tahiti” for a beautiful even tan. The oil works for 4-6 hours: both in a solarium and outdoors in the sun it will ensure that cells are deeply moisturized and will prevent dehydration. “Monoi” softens, soothes and tones skin, reli..
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