Massage Oil “Green and Roasted Coffee”

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Coffee berries consist of about 1200 components. Rich multivitamin complex and hyaluronic acid provide green and roasted coffee oils with powerful healing properties. They neutralize free radicals, relieve inflammations, detoxify, regenerate and deeply hydrate damaged cells. Coffee oil nourishes hair and nails, increases elasticity and protection properties of skin. It’s a recognized remedy against cellulite. During massage, “Green and Roasted Coffee” increases fluid drainage from tissues, breaks down fats, restores skin firmness in problem areas, eliminates dimpled flesh.

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  • unrefined green coffee oil
  • unrefined roasted coffee oil

For massage: apply few drops of the oils to your finger tips and gently massage into skin. Can be used undiluted or in combination with any other fatty oil in 1:1 proportion.

For masks and compresses: moisten a piece of cloth or gauze with oil and apply to problem areas. After 10-20 minutes remove the wrap and wipe skin with a toner. Use once or twice a day.