Nourishing Soothing Foot Cream “Juniper”

418.00 грн

Mango oil, ceramide and moisturizing complexes efficiently soften even the hardest areas of your skin. Juniper oil heals minor cracks, relieves inflammations and prevents odor. Tamanu oil kills germs, alleviates itching and discomfort. Borage oil improves blood circulation and quickly heals small sores. This cream creates a lasting effect of heat therapy, hydrates, nourishes and soothes feet.

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  • cacao butter
  • Fucogel® polysaccharide
  • vitamin E
  • candelilla wax
  • vitamin А
  • tamanu oil
  • mango oil
  • milk proteins
  • walnut oil
  • borage oil
  • ceramide complex
  • Juniper essential oil
  • moisturizing phytocomplex

Apply “Juniper” cream every morning and evening to clean feet. Pay special attention to heals and space between toes.