Body care

Body care

Coco Chanel said that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. We’ll add that a woman who does anything to her hair is already changing her life. When it comes to men, it’s a little bit different, however, looking smart is still important: their perfect hair is not so obvious, but it definitely helps their both personal and professional life.

Since hair is our religion, we go beyond our limits to gather the best hair-related supplies in one store.

Whoever you are, a professional hair stylist or a person who professionally cares about his hair, you’ll find the whole range of best hair products here - starting from the smallest hair pins to the most complicated styling tool sets. The best heat protectants, hydrating and styling products, shampoos, conditioners, dryers, curling irons etc are waiting for you. For saving your time, please use filters: brand, concerns, formulation, ingredient preferences, size and price range. If you need anti-aging, color protection, curl enhancing products, or you have a problem of split ends, dryness, lack of shining and so on - we’ll help you. Just choose the right category and check what we’ve prepared for your stunning look.

If you prefer specific formulation or ingredient preferences, you can narrow down your search to oil-, paraben- or sulfate free items, and choose the texture: creme, mousse, wax, gel, pomade, serum etc.

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Crambe oil (Abyssinica seed oil) is similar in its composition to healing shark oil, it’s resistant to oxidation and high temperatures. It has ultra light texture and is instantly absorbed by skin, without clogging pores or leaving oily sheen. ..
807.00 грн (30.83 $)
The serum deeply penetrates skin and is easily absorbed. Baobab fruit pulp contains 6 times more antioxidants than blueberries and 10 times more than orange. Baobab is a source of 9 out of 10 amino acids which are vital for human health. Such u..
663.00 грн (25.33 $)
299.00 грн (11.42 $)
Valuable sweet almond oil delicately softens skin, eliminating dryness and hydrating it, breaks down and removes toxins, relieves irritations. Coffee beans are abundant with group B vitamins, proven fighters for youth of your skin. Dead Sea sal..
177.00 грн (6.76 $)
The scrub removes sebum residue and dead skin flakes, thoroughly cleans pores and improves blood circulation. Fruit acids and natural oils provide a complex cosmetic effect comparable to a spa visit. Citric acid tightens pores and lightens pigm..
450.00 грн (17.19 $)
The oil is ideally suitable for restoration of dehydrated skin - it deeply moisturizes it and vitamin E accelerates cell regeneration after burns, abrasions and other damages. Coconut oil efficiently neutralizes free radicals and prevents age c..
594.00 грн (22.69 $)
523.00 грн (19.98 $)
Mango oil, ceramide and moisturizing complexes efficiently soften even the hardest areas of your skin. Juniper oil heals minor cracks, relieves inflammations and prevents odor. Tamanu oil kills germs, alleviates itching and discomfort. Bor..
418.00 грн (15.97 $)
Use “Monoi de Tahiti” for a beautiful even tan. The oil works for 4-6 hours: both in a solarium and outdoors in the sun it will ensure that cells are deeply moisturized and will prevent dehydration. “Monoi” softens, soothes and tones skin, reli..
648.00 грн (24.75 $)
Cupuaçu butter softens and hydrates skin, while soy proteins restore its natural elasticity. Green coffee detoxifies and stimulates cell metabolism. Natural fruit acids speed up renewal and encourage regeneration of cells. The cream will help t..
378.00 грн (14.44 $)
The healing jojoba nut oil is the world’s only liquid vegetable wax. It prolongs skin youthfulness and maintains its firmness and elasticity, vitamin E regenerates damaged cells. The oil nourishes skin and creates a thin protective film to reta..
717.00 грн (27.39 $)
Coffee berries consist of about 1200 components. Rich multivitamin complex and hyaluronic acid provide green and roasted coffee oils with powerful healing properties. They neutralize free radicals, relieve inflammations, detoxify, regenerate an..
1,623.00 грн (62.00 $)
Ancient tribes of Polynesia and Madagascar used tamanu to fight many ailments. Its wonderful healing oil kills germs, as if by magic relieves skin inflammations, restores cells health and vitality, heals minor sores. Lifting phytocomplex makes ..
367.00 грн (14.02 $)
Baobab oil is one of the best natural skin remedies. It improves elasticity, smoothes and relieves inflammations. To achieve unparalleled anti-cellulite effect, baobab oil is infused with medicinal herbs. Sage, ivy and camellia flower extracts ..
489.00 грн (18.68 $)
A composition of three unique oils - borage, macadamia and karité - is an abundant source of vitamins and saturated fatty acids, indispensable for retaining youth and beauty of your skin. Vanilla essential oil (derived from one of the numerous ..
297.00 грн (11.35 $)